Annual Clearance Sale

On now at all Sleep Shop locations in Vancouver, Richmond, Abbotsford and Langley, is Sleep Shops Annual Clearance Sale! The Sleep Experts at Sleep shop have a great selection of, Beautyrest, Proback from Sealy, Kingsdown and the new Pro Gel. Sleep Shop also has a... read more

How much sleep do you need?

Sleep and how much we need really depends on each individual habits and requirements. As we grow older we have to adjust and accept that we may sleep better during a daytime nap then at night. However, rest and sleep can be aided by a great mattress. The start of... read more

Sleep Shop Boxing Week Sale

Our Boxing Week Bedlam is almost over! If you are looking to get a better night’s sleep with a new mattress, check out this amazing deal on a Sealy Posturepedic Queen Mattress for ONLY $499 (Reg $1499). Limited time, if you snooze you... read more

Sleep Shop Abbotsford

The sleep experts at the Sleep Shop in Abbotsford would like to remind you that for 2014 the main resolution you may have is a good night sleep. The sleep experts can help you make the best mattress selection for the best sleep. Start your year off with a mattress for... read more

The Dr. Breus Bed

Sleep Shop is please to be the exclusive dealer of the renowned Dr Breus Bed. The Dr Breus bed is the only mattress collection that is design by a world expert on sleep. The sleep experts and Sleep Shop can match your needs to this great sleep innovation mattress. All... read more

Interesting facts about sleep and mattresses

Interesting facts about sleep and mattresses: We use our beds more than any other furniture A comfortable bed will give you an extra hour of sleep a night 93% of doctors agree that a comfortable mattress and supportive bed will improve your sleep 85% of doctors... read more

Pillows help you sleep better

The most common sleeping positions are back, side, and stomach. There are some other contortionist positions but we will stick with these for now. With each position, the placement and type of pillow should differ. The sleep experts at Sleep Shop can fit the pillow to... read more

Mattress Overview

If it has been awhile since you bought a bed or you simply want to know what all of the fuss is about, we at Sleep Shop have put together a mattress  guide to help. Like any other product, mattresses vary greatly across type and brand. Getting the best mattress is... read more

Sleep Loss From the Sleep Experts

A new study from the Netherlands and United Kingdom compared white blood cell counts of 15 healthy young men under normal and severely sleep-deprived circumstances. What happen was a decrease in the white blood cell of the men with sleep-deprived. It is also noted... read more

Sealy Mattress ProGel

The Sleep Shop is proud to carry a full line of Sealy mattresses from pillow tops, tight tops and the new ProGel foam. ProGel is the latest generation of memory foam that promises a cooler, more breathable sleep surface with 10% more body support! ProGel memory foam... read more

Five Foods To Help You Sleep

You may think that food is only good for waking you up, but there are a few nutritious foods that will be helpful if you’re struggling to get to sleep each night. Here are five of the best foods and drinks you can eat each evening. 1.Cherry Juice – Cherries... read more

Sleep Shop Experts

The Sleep Shop Experts are in the business of helping you sleep better. These days, it isn’t enough for us to simply know our product. We, at The Sleep Shop are trained in the science of sleep, and knowing which mattress set gives the best support to ease your... read more

Establish A Nighttime Routine from the Sleep Shop Experts

A new study was just released and we wanted to share some key points to help you. 1. go to bed at the same time every night…..creating a habit that the body then wants to stick to 2. going to bed and waking at the same time helped people fall asleep faster and... read more

Limited Time, Sealy Kitchener (Queen) Sale!

~ LIMITED TIME OFFER~   The Sleep Shop Experts have a great Sealy Queen Mattress on sale for a limited time. The Sealy Kitchener queen mattress is designed to provide better value and active support technology. We believe that muscles should relax in a more natural... read more

Transition From A Crib to Bed

The time has come to transition from a crib to bed and you need to look at what works best. Do you go into a twin or double mattress? The Sleep Shop sleep experts can guide you to the right bed and the right comfort for your toddler. Moving up to a big boy or big girl... read more

Boxing Week Bedlam

What exactly is “Bedlam” you may wonder…according to it’s a state of wild uproar! Yes, during our Boxing Week Bedlam sale there will be uproar with the kind of deals and specials Sleep Shop will have starting December 20, 2012!... read more

Sleep & Weight

 Did you ever think that sleep and body weight would have any link to each other? More and more research results are proving there to be a strong link between sleep and weight. It’s a relationship that works in multiple directions: lack of sleep can lead to weight... read more

Pillow Talk

More broadly may also refer to conversations between couples that may arise after quality time or as they settle in for the night and cuddle themselves to sleep. Pillow Talk for us is about providing you with information on how to find the right pillow for yourself.... read more

Sleep & Exercise

Today, inadequate or poor quality of sleep has become an epidemic that 7 out of 10 are complaining about lack of sleep.  Bottom line: No matter what age you are, if you are exercising you will sleep well. Here is what Dr. Breus’ take on sleep and exercise.  So what’s... read more