Baroque Metal Bed

Baroque Metal Bed by FBG

The Baroque metal bed, as its name implies is very florid and ornate. The posts are monstrous -especially since they’re topped with massive cast finials and sturdy feet. The headboard grill is adorned with a large center casting and supported by 60” high posts. The footboard – supported by 36” posts, is a concave design that dips in the center. There are also large sloping side rails that are as fancifully decorated as the grills. Even the Gilded Slate finish is elaborate – it is a black base, with a hand-applied coat of mottled translucent white paint – which gives it a bluish hue, highlighted with gleaming gold. This bed is certainly a statement piece and will need a large room to contain it. Not shown in Sleep Shop stores, available online only.

Baroque Metal Bed Features:

  • Available in Queen and King Size
  • Sold as complete bed only


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