Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed

Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed
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Our Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed is a truly instant guest bed. Convert it from handsome cabinet to comfy bed in less than a minute. When all closed up it just takes 10 square feet of floor space. Easy to use, easy to love.

The Clover Cabinet Bed is the Murphy Bed that is a free standing and does not have to be anchored to the wall. This unique piece of space saving furniture is available in two different colors (Chocolate and Cherry). The Clover features a deep drawer that is totally accessible when the Murphy Bed is fully opened making it more functional as a bed than comparative models.

The Clover has a more shallow enclosure compared to similar cabinet beds. Two USB and an AC outlet are included in every Night & Day Cabinet Bed making it easier to charge your devices.

Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed features include:


Closed: 24″ D x 63.5 W x 41.1″ H


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