Adjustable Foundations

adjustables by legget and plattAdjustable bases are MORE AFFORDABLE than you think! Often the addition of an Adjustable Bed Sleep System will help alleviate many of the problems you thought you were having with just your mattress. Why buy another FLAT bed when you can adjust your comfort with an Adjustable Sleep System? Here are 3 main reasons why you want to consider buying one for your self:

  1. Accommodate Your Life: Position your bed to the way you live in bed – read, work, watch TV, eat – even sleep! Adjustable bases can conform to your needs.
  2. Customize Your Comfort Level – A flat bed gives you only one option. You can customize your adjustable bed to your perfect comfort setting.
  3. Zero Pain – Only an adjustable bed can be put in a zero-gravity position – and help eliminate lower back pain.

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Adjustable bases are available in the following different sizes:
Twin XL (39” x 80”), Double XL (54” x 80”), Queen (60” x 80”), Queen Split (30″ x 80″ ea)