Are You A Hot Sleeper?

Cooling Mattress for Hot Sleepers!

Sleep cool and get the temperature down with these refreshing sleep gadgets and accessories. We have some cooling mattress suggestions of you in this summer if you are hot sleeper!

If you wake up sweating every now and then when the weather gets just a bit warmer, or you find it usual waking up several times overnight tossing and turning trying to find a more refreshing position, keep reading, and we will help you sleep cool. 

Are You a Hot Sleeper?

Are You a Hot Sleeper?

When your room feels like a swamp, getting the right amount of rest isn’t easy. But adopting a few habits to prepare to go to bed and relying on these sleep-cooling devices actually helps you get a refreshing sensation when laying down and falling asleep deeper. 

Best Cooling Mattress for Hot Sleepers in 2022

In this article, Sleep Shop suggest you 3 solutions to sleep better in this summer if you are hot sleeper:

  1. Choose a mattress with cooling technology that adapts to your shape and body temperature.

If you are looking for a perfect mattress with cooling technology, our suggestion is the BEDGEAR performance mattress. The exclusive instant cooling fabric and breathable mesh of these mattresses provide continuous airflow. So your mattress is always cool while sleeping.

  1. If you already have a regular mattress, you can easily turn it into a cooling mattress by adding a cooling gel memory foam topper.

The Mlily Sierra Gel Memory Foam Topper automatically adjusts to the contours of the body, which provides pressure relief and comfort for aches and pains. Additionally, the cool gel layer keeps cool all night without feeling warm.

Convert your Regular Mattress into Cooling Mattress

Convert your Regular Mattress into Cooling Mattress

Add this to an existing firm mattress to enhance the comfort and feel of the bed. Be careful when choosing the right model, because some memory foam toppers can cause sleepers to get too hot over the course of the night. This one is actually remarkably breathable, once the 3D mesh fabric promotes good air circulation to prevent overheating. 

  1. Have a complete set of cooling technology in your bed with a cooling effect pillow.

    If your head is missing that cooling sensation, nothing beats the Lotus Loft Arctic Ice Pillow . Choose between the Low Loft 4.5-inch pillow for stomach sleepers or the Medium Loft 5.5-inch pillow for side and back sleepers.

Lotus Loft Arctic Ice Pillow

Lotus Loft Arctic Ice Pillow

More than having an air conditioner, a fan, or any device to regulate the room temperature, investing in a functional pillow that can provide immediate relief by staying in touch with your skin during your sleep makes a huge difference. 

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