Best Cooling Sleep Products


On a hot summer night, you may not be getting the restful, reparative sleep you need. If you’re continually tossing and turning because you’re too warm, you’re bound to wake up feeling groggy and dehydrated. Air conditioning can alleviate these issues, but it isn’t always an option depending on your living arrangements. Even if it is, we’ve rounded up the best cooling sleep products so you can rest better and save money by cutting down on your electricity bill.


Your mattress makes a big impact in how warm or cool you feel overnight. When you don’t sleep well, it can affect the quality of your life, as well as your productivity at work. We have plenty of affordable cooling mattress options. The benefits of investing in a mattress with cooling technology is that it can help you sleep comfortably with a partner and reduce your electricity bill by allowing you to use your fan or air conditioning less. That sounds like a win-win to us!


Pillows are far more important than most people think. Not only do they provide crucial support for our head and neck, they also play a role in how warm we feel throughout the night. The wrong pillow can cause tossing and turning, muscle pain, and sweating, especially in the sensitive skin on our face and scalp. The good news is that it’s easier than you think to find a cooling pillow that will suit your sleeping position. We suggest starting your search by asking our Sleep Experts for recommendations, or checking out the options in our online store.


Beyond essentials such as your mattress and pillow, it can make a big difference to invest in other cooling sleep products, such as bedding and pajamas. Opting for natural, breathable textiles such as bamboo can keep you comfortable. On the other hand, watch out for synthetic materials in your pajamas and sheets that may not allow for optimal air circulation. We recommend buying bamboo rayon sheets as a great starting point for sleeping cooler at night. As a bonus, you’ll find bamboo rayon softer than cotton or linen.


Sleeping cooler at night starts with making the right choices during the day. We’re always happy to provide suggestions for how you can cool down your sleep environment and keep you comfortable with cooling sleep products. Shop from the comfort of your bed, or visit a Sleep Shop store near you to get a hands-on feel for the cooling technology that’s on the market today. Manufacturing and textiles have come a long way when it comes to ensuring your mattress, pillows, and bedding are breathable, durable, and comfortable. If you’re not sure where to start, give us a call or take our quick, easy Sleep Quiz for personalized product recommendations. We’ll ask if staying cool is a concern of yours, as well as other key questions to assess your needs and preferences. Happy snoozing!

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