Cabinet Beds: Set Up


Interested in getting a cabinet bed? You’re making the right call! The many benefits of a cabinet bed can suit a large variety of needs. Whether you need to save space in your home, have an easy option available for guests, or you simply want a more stylish bed option, a cabinet bed makes for a great solution. On top of that, they’re incredibly easy to set up, as well as use daily. Read on to discover how this piece of functional furniture works!


Unlike a Murphy bed or a wall bed, a cabinet bed does not need to anchored to the wall. The set up is incredibly easy with most of the work is already done for you! That being said, safety-first applies here. The job requires two people, as it’s heavy furniture.

Unpacking and assembling your cabinet bed can typically be done in a handful of simple steps regardless of the model. It’s important to note that the process can vary between products. It’s always best to reference the included assembly instructions to ensure proper set up.

Watch this video on how to set up our Clover cabinet bed to get a general idea of how it works:

With the ease of setting up your new bed, you can bet it’ll be simple to move if you choose to relocate in the future. You can simply latch it up and move it as you would your other furniture, and you won’t need to worry about patching up any parts of the wall from anchoring!


A cabinet bed is easy to unfold whenever you need to use it. Nearly anyone can handle the job, as it’s simple and does not require much strength. Generally, you’ll unlatch the sides and open up the face of it, pull out the drawer (if applicable), then unfold the slats and mattress. Once again, the process here will differ depending on the model you choose, but you can open up most within a minute.

Here’s an example of how you would open our Clover cabinet bed:

Overall, the ease of opening and closing your bed, alongside the added benefits of saving space, make it an excellent choice for anyone.

— — —

With a cabinet bed, you’ll never have to worry. You’ll experience ease of use and comfort daily, and you can take it along with you for years to come. Enjoy the convenience of this versatile product, all while embracing the luxury of space.

In addition to the Clover shown in our demonstration videos above, we stock a variety of cabinet beds online and in-store. You can view them here, or come visit us at one our locations to have a sleep expert assist you in making the right choice.

Moreover, you can take our informative Sleep Quiz if you’re interested in what other products might be a good fit for you.