Sleep Shop is pleased to be partnering with Halfmoon, a brand whose values and passion for wellness align with ours! It’s been made clear time and time again. A good night’s sleep is achieved with more than just a good mattress. It comes down to a balanced lifestyle. Hone in on a routine that brings wellness through multiple facets of your life. You will inevitably see improvement.

It’s important to incorporate time for physical, mental, and reflective disciplines. Yoga and meditation are great examples of this, and Halfmoon boasts a product line that’s ideal to practice on. From meditation cushions, to bolsters, to yoga blankets, there are many different options to go for.

We’re introducing a unique selection of these products both in-store and online to give you a whole new way to improve the quality of your life, and therefore enhance your sleep experience. Read on to learn more about Halfmoon and what some of our favourite products are.


In a nutshell, Halfmoon hand-makes yoga bolsters, meditation cushions, and a variety of other products filled with natural materials all right here in beautiful British Columbia. The concept is to share the life changing experience of yoga and meditation with as many people as possible. Halfmoon’s products will inspire you to continue to practice, whether you’re new to the concept or more advanced.

Founder Beth McTavish began her journey in Varanasi, India in 1983. Captivated by the yogis practicing by the river, she set out to begin her own practice back home. Using a red seat belt as a yoga strap, alongside rolls of cotton batting for bolsters, Halfmoon was born. 30 years later, the company continues to operate on the ever-inspiring values of yoga: non-violence, truthfulness, abstention from wrongdoing, compassion, and kindness.


We’ve selected some of our favourite products to feature in order to give you a taste of what’s available!

The Halfmoon Sleep Well Buckwheat Pillow is firm, but accommodating. It’s filled with natural buckwheat hulls, which mold to create the ideal alignment for your neck. To achieve absolute comfort while you sleep, simply shift the hulls around until the support feels just right. Moreover, the pillow keeps your head cool in order to decrease night sweats, nasal congestion, and the resulting restlessness.

From practicing yoga, to relaxation, to snoozing the night away, the Halfmoon Rectangular Bolster is the perfect accessory to have on hand. It promotes gentle chest opening makes for a great back bending prop, and provides a moderate lift for forwards bends and legs up the wall. Better yet, you can bring it to the office to provide extra support at your desk, or use it while you sleep to prop up whatever part of your body needs it.

The Halfmoon Cotton Yoga Blanket brings a splash of style to your yoga practice. It provides gentle cushioning, support, and warmth, and is extremely versatile. You can roll it like a bolster, add height to your block, fold it for seated poses, and use it as a cozy layer for Savasana. Woven with flat selvage edges, it folds flat and stacks evenly, making it the yoga blanket of choice for yogis of all levels and styles.

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At Sleep Shop, we’ve got your wellness in mind. It’s crucial to find balance across your life and prioritize your health. Trust us – you’ll be feeling brand new after incorporating some of Halfmoon’s creations. Come in to any of our locations to try the products for yourself, or simply purchase online and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

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Happy snoozing!