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One mattress does not fit all. It takes time to find the right option, but once you do you reap all the benefits of it. It’s wise to take your time to evaluate the pros and cons of different builds and materials of mattresses, while also analyzing your own personal sleep needs. For example, if you have specific health concerns that affect how well you sleep each night, you should look into a mattress made to help alleviate those symptoms. Furthermore, it comes down to comfort. Whether you prefer soft, medium, or firm mattresses, certain options may be able to provide the right type of feel better than others.

To make the process easier, we’ve created a thorough Sleep Quiz to help you find the best mattress. After assessing your responses, the results elaborate on what is most suitable for you and products we recommend to fit your needs and preferences.

mattress_type__memory_foamMEMORY FOAM MATTRESS

Memory foam was first introduced to the mattress industry in 1991, and it has since since become a phenomenon for sleepers all around the world. The material is soft and absorbent, adjusting to your body in response to your temperature and weight. This is why so many individuals find memory foam mattresses comfortable. The even distribution of body weight allows for a comfortable, custom sleep. Naturally, body impressions will occur over time, but for the most part the bed will bounce back into its original shape night after night.

Providing relief for aches, pains, and soreness, memory foam boasts a multitude of health benefits. It’s ideal for individuals who experience back and joint pain, as well as problems with pressure points. Furthermore, this type of mattress works well for those who toss and turn over the course of the night or experience difficulty sleeping because of a restless partner. Due to memory foam’s ability to absorb movement, less disturbance occurs overnight and therefore results in a better sleep.


mattress_type__latexLATEX MATTRESS

Latex mattresses, made from the sap of rubber trees, are durable, scent-free, and superior in motion isolation. Due to its natural properties, this material is resistant to dust mites, mold, bacteria, and other allergens without the addition of chemicals. Furthermore, the open-cell structure of latex allows for air to circulate throughout the mattress, meaning it maintains a good, consistent temperature for sleeping.


mattress_type__pocket_coilPOCKET COIL MATTRESS

A top choice for decades, pocket coil mattresses, also known as pocket springs, have consistently remained popular amongst all types of sleepers. The spectrum is broad, with tensions ranging from soft, to medium, to firm, allowing a perfect fit for everyone. Since each spring operates individually, this type of mattress is able to provide appropriate support for both you and a partner without causing uneven distribution. The springs also absorb shock well, which in turn reduces wear and tear of the mattress.


mattress_type__innerspringHYBRID MATTRESS

Hybrid mattresses offer the best of both worlds; they combine the support of innerspring technology with the comfort of memory foam or latex cushioning. This type of mattress contours to the body to relieve pressure points while maintaining the support needed for proper spinal alignment. Furthermore, the firmness of a hybrid mattress ranges all the way from soft to medium to firm, allowing a more customized feel based on your preferences. Other benefits include motion isolation, lack of noise such as squeaking, and edge support.


mattress_type__pillow_topPILLOW TOP MATTRESS

Pillow top mattresses provide exceptional comfort, especially for sleepers who prefer soft to medium firmness. On top of its durability, this mattress has an extra layer of cushioning, providing a luxurious and soft feel. It also acts as a transition layer between your body and the coils in the mattress, which allows for relief of uneven pressure point distribution. Pillow top mattresses tend to be a top choice due to these reasons, as well as because of how economical they are. While proving to last long, it is also a fairly affordable option when purchasing.


mattress_type_adjustableADJUSTABLE MATTRESS

Adjustable mattresses were initially designed for therapeutic purposes. This option is ideal for sleepers looking to alleviate health problems such as acid reflux and back pain, but it’s also suitable for regular sleepers. Allowing for ergonomically correct positioning, this mattress promotes healthy posture, pressure relief, proper circulation, and customized support among many other benefits. Furthermore, adjusting the bed to where you feel most comfortable allows for customization that you can’t find in a traditional mattress, allowing you to relax and get a good rest.

Whichever option you decide is best for you, you can be sure we have top of the line products stocked. Check out our shop by mattress material section to target mattresses made of specific materials, or you can view all mattresses here.

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