Kingsdown bedMATCH 9000 Series

Kingsdown bedMATCH 9000 Series has been engineered with total luxury in mind. Featuring 2500 foam encased micro pocket coils, it also has posturized lumbar support and patented motion separation technology. Materials include natural Latex, BluTek Gelvisco, Microgel, and Silk. Furthermore, the 9000 Series comes in 4 distinct comfort profiles, allowing you a fully customized sleep experience.

Only at Sleep Shop will you find mattresses that provide scientifically recommended postural support. bedMATCH uses science and technology to take the guesswork out of the equation so you can enjoy the sleep of your dreams. Visit us at any one of our locations to test it out for yourself. Already know what you want? Simply have it delivered straight to your home through our online shop.


  • Pocket coil
  • Airflow surround edge support
  • Wool provides increased airflow
  • Latex
  • Motion separation
  • Microgel to help dissipate heat
  • BluTek Gel visco for pressure relief
  • Posturized center support
  • Made in BC
  • 10 year warranty

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Looking for more information, but not sure where to start? Simply contact one of our sleep experts, or browse through our other mattresses. In addition, you can take our Sleep Quiz to find the best mattress and sleep accessories based on your needs.


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