Sprout Vivo Tight Top Mattress [SALE]

Vivo tight top mattress brings added luxury to the mattress world with its 8” natural latex core. This amazing mattress has comfort layers on both sides of the core including all natural cotton, wool and silk. The natural wool and silk insulates and whisks away unwanted moisture. Together they guarantee a dry and climate controlled environment.

Vivo Tight Top Mattress features:

  • Regular firmness to give you the best of both worlds
  • 100 % cotton cover for extra strength
  • Available in Zip N Link – two feels in one bed
  • Latex core distributes your body’s weight comfortably
  • 10 years full warranty

Sprout Vivo mattress is made with a vegetable-dyed Herringbone fabric which is 100 % cotton. This cotton cover is breathable and has an amazing strength that will outlast most mattresses. The natural components of the will keep you in warm in the winter months, and keep you cool during the warmer days of summer. The natural materials provide moisture control and temperature control like a wool scarf. The craftsmanship that goes into the hand-tufting helps with keep the overall mattress integrity over a long period of time. The wool rosettes provide a soft texture and a beautiful finishing touch. This mattress can last up to 10 years or more. Vivo tight top mattress is available in soft, regular and firm.
The boxspring is made from solid Canadian hard wood and matching Herringbone cotton fabric.


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