Tempur-Pedic Traditional Pillow

tempur-pedic traditional pillow soft feel

Do you like the feel of a traditional feather pillow? If yes, then you’ll definitely fall in love with the feel of this Tempur-Pedic Traditional pillow. Also, you’ll enjoy the comfort that only TEMPUR material provides. No matter what your sleeping position is, you have found the right pillow. This Super-soft pillow is made of the same material as all Tempur mattresses. Besides, the proprietary TEMPUR material always keeps you comfy and in right position. Available in Soft and Medium feels.

Tempur-Pedic Traditional Pillow Features

  • TEMPUR-ES material cover filled with shapeable TEMPUR micro-cushions that adjust as you need
  • Supports head, neck and shoulders, allowing muscles to fully relax for more restful sleep
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Dust mite and allergen-resistant

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