Symbia Elevation Wedge

Symbia Elevation Wedge 18 and 23 degree

If you suffer from lower back pain, herniated disc or a pinched sciatic nerve, this wedge can be a savior to you! Symbia Elevation wedge gives the right leg elevation to reduce lumbar pressure. Made of soft memory foam that improves blood circulation and a pelvic retroversion that stretches your lower back and also provides a highly restful support!
Full back support – Muscle and joint pains are frequent and are accentuated by inadequate body posture. Designed by specialists, the Symbia elevation wedge relieves pressure and pain.

Digestive efficiency – Digestive problems such as heartburn and acid reflux are obstacles to restful sleep. The wedge inclination stimulates digestion and alleviates acid reflux for a good night’s sleep.

Clear breathing – Respiration plays a crucial role in our recovery process. Numerous breathing problems like asthma, coughing, bronchitis, etc. have greatly impact on sleep quality. The thoracic cage posture, provided only by this cushion, clears the airways and eases breathing.

Pleasant relaxation – Reading and watching television are among the most popular forms of relaxation.  Meanwhile, a stable and comfy seated position definitely allows you to rest with ease.

Symbia Elevation Wedge Features:

  • 18° = Width 24” x Length 26” x Height 09”
  • 23° = Width 24” x Length 28” x Height 12”
  • Comfort layer – 2” high-density memory foam made from soya.
  • Cover (included) – Viscose made from Bamboo, very soft, antibacterial and thermoregulative (maintains stable temperature).
  • 2 year warranty


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