Blu Sleep Air Flow Pillow

blu sleep air flow pillow

The Blu Sleep Air Flow pillow features open cell and ventilated memory foam. As a result, ┬áthat helps adapt to your head’s unique curves while quickly retiring to its original shape. To provide total head support, this pillow has a plush feel that benefits all side sleepers. Also, a pillow is not temperature sensitive, making it constantly adaptive. The thermo-cool cover has expertly designed wicking abilities that aid in keeping your skin dry. To keep you cool and relaxed, ventilation holes create efficient air circulation. Besides, this eco-friendly pillow has been thoroughly foam tested. In fact, the pillow does not include any harmful substances and materials. It also has quality certifications that ensure all of the highest standards in bedding are met. For a better sleep shop today at Sleep Shop!

Blu Sleep Air Flow Pillow Features:

  • Memory foam
  • Open cell and ventilated memory foam pillow
  • Breathable
  • Non-temperature sensitive and continuously adaptive
  • Queen size
  • Perfect for side sleepers


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