Symbia 3″ Knee Pillow

Symbia 3 Knee Pillow is perfectly designed to correct body positioning in bed or while resting on any other surface.

Lumbar stress reduction – Misalignment of the legs causes lumbar tension. It is, therefore, preferable to position the body in a way that reduces tension. This cushion works to correctly support the legs and knees.

Ideal knee support – Knees are a sensitive articulation. Sleeping on your side can then cause pain and discomfort. The specially calculated thickness and density of this cushion ensure the ideal support.

Optimum pelvis alignment – A misaligned pelvis due to inappropriate knee position is another major source of discomfort. Optimal alignment of the pelvis can be attained with the proper support. Perfect size and fit a normal pillow, commonly used in this context, also becomes cumbersome without providing the proper support. Therefore, we have developed the Symbia 03 knee pillow.

Symbia 3 Knee Pillow Features:

  • Width 09” x Length 19” x Height 03”
  • Comfort layer Two 1” high-density memory foam layers made from soya
  • Cover (included) Viscose made from Bamboo, very soft, antibacterial and maintains stable body temperature
  • 2-year warranty


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