Why You Should Never Buy a Mattress Online

Why You Should Never Buy a Mattress Online

Online retail has become a significant part of the consumer economy, but buying a mattress online involves a big leap of faith. You simply cannot evaluate how the mattress feels when you purchase one on the Internet. You won’t have a chance to consider its qualities concerning motion transfer or support. Reviews left by other buyers can help, but they remain the opinion of other people who may not have the same needs and priorities as you. The inability to inspect a mattress prior to purchase represents only one reason why you might not want to buy a mattress online. Here are a few more.

No Full-Service Delivery

Online mattress-sellers typically provide delivery to your front door. After that, you need to lug the mattress to the bedroom on your own. Delivery by your local mattress store, however, includes placing the mattress where you need it inside your house.

Slower Delivery

If you need your bed right away, then an online purchase requires patience. Days or possibly weeks will pass before your mattress arrives. In contrast, a brick-and-mortar mattress store can often bring your new mattress over the next day.

No Mattress Removal

Online retailers are not equipped to dispose of your old mattress. This leaves you with the inconvenient chore of figuring out how to get rid of it. Your local mattress retailer can usually haul away your old mattress.

Cumbersome Returns

Most online mattress purchases include generous return policies so that you can test-drive the product. The seller will usually accept a return if you discover that the mattress is uncomfortable. The problem lies in preparing the unwanted mattress for shipping. The ideas of wrestling a mattress out of your house that you’ve had to wrap according to the seller’s shipping requirements doesn’t sound appealing does it? Also, mattresses that expand after you remove them from their original packaging force you to buy new packaging materials. Purchasing a mattress which you’ve tested at a bricks-and-mortar store can help avoid messy returns like this one.

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