Adjustable Base
Custom Comfort at the Touch of a Button.
Adjustable Base
Custom Comfort at the Touch of a Button.
Adjustable Base
Custom Comfort at the Touch of a Button.

Key Features of Premium Adjustable Base

Designed for unparalleled comfort and flexibility, adjustable base allows you to tailor your sleeping position to your exact needs. Whether you're reading, sleeping, or just relaxing in bed, adjustable base provides the perfect support and comfort to suit your lifestyle.

Ergonomic Adjustability

Find your perfect sleep position with ease. Our adjustable base allows you to effortlessly elevate your head, feet, or both, ensuring maximum comfort and support tailored to your body's needs.
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Health & Wellness

Enhance your health as you sleep. Whether it's reducing back pain, improving circulation, or minimizing snoring, our adjustable base promotes a healthier sleep pattern.
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Hospital Beds for Home

Bringing tailored care into your home, 'Hospital Beds for Home' feature combines clinical functionality with domestic comfort. Designed to support a range of health and mobility needs.
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Safety Features

Sleep with peace of mind. Equipped with advanced safety features like auto-stop and child lock functions, our adjustable base is safe for all users.
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Save up to 12% on all adjustable base

Save up to 12% on all adjustable base

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Adjustable Base with Storage
Combining the adjustability with space-saving comfort.
Remote Control
Effortlessly adjust bed to your liking. Pre-set positions or find new ones with the touch of a button.
Split Design
Designed for couples with distinct preferences, this base offers individualized control on each side.
Hospital Bed
Optimize care with Hospital-Grade Adjustable Bed, featuring advanced comfort, convenience and support.
Dual Motor
Featuring two independent motors, you can adjust the base for your head and feet easily.
Since purchasing this adjustable base, my sleep quality has improved dramatically. The preset positions are perfect for my reading nights, and falling asleep has never been easier. Highly recommend!
Switching to this adjustable base was like upgrading to first class from economy. The flexibility it offers has drastically improved my sleep and even my morning routine. The massage feature is a godsend after long days.
Recovering from knee surgery was made so much easier with this bed. Adjusting the base to elevate my legs was simple and really helped with the swelling. Plus, the remote control is intuitive and easy to use.
If comfort is your priority, look no further. This adjustable base offers countless positions, and I've found my perfect setting for a restful night. The storage feature is a bonus for keeping my space tidy.
As a tech enthusiast, I love the smart features of this base—especially being able to connect it to my home automation system. The under-bed lighting and USB ports are thoughtful touches that show attention to detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How difficult is the assembly of the adjustable base?

A: Our adjustable base is designed for easy setup with minimal tools required. You can assemble it within minutes, and all necessary instructions are included. We at Sleep Shop also offers set-up options. Email us at for more details.

Q: Can I use any mattress with this adjustable base?

A: The adjustable base is compatible with most foam, latex, and air mattresses designed for adjustable beds. However, we recommend checking your mattress's compatibility or opting for one of our custom-fit mattresses for the best experience.

Q: Can the head and foot sections be adjusted independently?

A: Absolutely! The head and foot sections of our adjustable base operate independently, allowing you to find your perfect position for both sleep and relaxation activities such as reading or watching TV.

Q: What maintenance does the adjustable base require?

A: The adjustable base is designed to be low maintenance. We recommend checking the nuts and bolts to ensure everything is tight and inspecting the electrical components periodically to keep it functioning smoothly.

Q: Can the adjustable base fit within my current bed frame?

A: Assembly is straightforward and can be completed quickly with no special tools required. The base is also designed to be versatile, ensuring it can easily fit into most existing bed frames for effortless integration into your bedroom setup.
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